Getting Started

Building and Installing

  1. Build it using Maven.
  2. Copy jsm-1.0.1.jar into jboss lib/ext directory.
  3. Modify the jboss.jcml file to add the mbean configuration you need (See below).
  4. Set JBoss to use the custom security modules.
  5. Try it.

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LDAP Module Configuration

Edit jboss.jcml and add something like this:

     <mbean code="org.talika.jsm.LDAPSecurityModuleService" 

     <attribute name="InstanceName">LDAPSecurity</attribute>
     <attribute name="Url">ldap://</attribute>
     <attribute name="BindDN" />

     <attribute name="Password" />
     <attribute name="SearchBase">dc=talika, dc=org</attribute>

An user in the LDAP tree shold see something like this:

      dn: uid=admin, dc=talika, dc=org
      objectclass: j2eeAccount
      uid: admin
      role: Manager
      role: Operator

Database Module Configuration

Edit jboss.jcml and add something like this:

      <mbean code="org.talika.jsm.DatabaseSecurityModuleService"
      <attribute name="InstanceName">DatabaseSecurity</attribute>
      <attribute name="DataSource">DefaultDS</attribute>

You must have configured DefaultDS or the datasource you want to use.

At the database you should have 2 tables like:

      CREATE TABLE j2ee_users (
        username VARCHAR(256) PRIMARY KEY,
        password VARCHAR(256)

      CREATE TABLE j2ee_roles (
        username VARCHAR(256),
        rolename VARCHAR(256),
        PRIMARY KEY (username, rolename)